Bill and Darlene Bourbeau

Although Darlene sent you a thank you message after we signed the lease, I just want to also thank you personally for all the help you gave us through this process. We looked at other properties with an agent Darlene just happened to run across. When those didn’t work out, I suggested that we contact you, obviously because of the previous real estate transactions we closed together. I told Darlene about your extensive experience and mentioned your certifications that only 1 or 2 percent of all real estate agents have….I remembered that from when I first met you!! Darlene was very impressed with your attention to details of the properties we looked at. She knows how much of a perfectionist I am and how I notice the little details of a property that escape most peoples eye. She said your observations reminded her of me and she felt very comfortable looking at houses with you when I couldn’t be there. Also, I’m convinced that the letter of reference you wrote on our behalf made the difference in us getting approved for the lease and putting our name at the top of the list of the five potential renters the landlord could have chosen to occupy the property. Had you not done that for us, I don’t think we would be living there now. So I can’t thank you enough for all those efforts that went above and beyond all expectations.